Rosemary Segreti

About My Experience:

I am so very honored to offer Simon‘s family a token of comfort while working through such a tragedy. Throughout the painting of Simon I just kept thinking love. Love that Simon had for others. Love that Simon’s family had for him. Love that overturns hate. Looking into his eyes when working on the painting reminded me to have courage and make every day count. I read that the color blue represents heaven. I included blue because it feels like Simon is in heaven.


I am Rosemary Segreti, a part time artist while working as Senior Associate Registrar at University of Georgia. My wife, Rosie Coleman, and I have been members of the Georgia Watercolor Society (GWS) for seven years and  have been attending the OCAF (Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation) Open Studio for two years. When Rosie suggested to paint a portrait for one of the Pulse victims as part of the 49 Portrait Project, at first I was intimidated, but then agreed to do it.

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