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When a friend sent me this great chance to help celebrate the love & lives of the 49 shooting victims in Orlando I knew right away that it was something I had to do.  When I think of the crazy things happening in the world I know that Mia’s 49 Portrait Project could just help bring peace and love even if it is for a moment.  Not only to the victim families but to Orlando, Florida, the country and maybe to the rest of the world.  Now I never met Mia but seeing her outreach to the art community and special attention she had given to this project I saw her heart and wanted to help out.  I was super grateful to have been allowed to do a painting.  The painting I requested specifically was of Christopher Joseph Sanfeliz.  When I saw his face I just connected with him in a way that was indescribable.  It was as if he was family and I was meant to paint him.  It was truly an honor to have had the chance to capture him.  
It is my hope that his family will enjoy this portrait and cherish his memory for many years come.   Sad that we had to come to do this but honored & blessed to have been given the chance paint LOVE.   I want to thank you Mia for this  project and thank you Christopher, for connecting with me.  Hope to meet you one day. 


A New Jersey native, Paul Lawrence Andino has been fascinated with the world of art & design since childhood.  His expertise is diverse ranging from fabrics to carpets and now painting. For twenty years he has been fortunate to explore and expand his gifts.  His keen eye for color, textures and attention to detail is evident in his work and is an essential part of his design identity.  Using his passion for nature, people and deep honor for his Latin culture, Paul brings the world of then and now together in beautiful works of art.

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