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While I didn’t know Xavier personally, we do have a mutual friend. As everything was unfolding the day after the shooting, I saw my friend frantically posting pictures of Xavier hoping someone had seen or heard from him. Naturally when this project came up I felt compelled to honor him.
As I was working on the piece and contemplating what to do with the surrounding negative space, I was inspired by hearing peoples accounts of Xavier. I’m hoping I was able to capture the light he exuded to those who knew him and that they have a beautiful piece that will help the feel his presence for years to come.

I am currently working as a freelance painter for Disney and moved to Orlando a little over a year ago to pursue that career. Since moving I have found myself in a wonderful neighborhood with amazing friends and an amazing partner which made taking the leap of moving all the more worthwhile. Even though Florida can publicly have a bad rep, since moving here I have met so many great people and have fallen in love with the thriving community. All of this is why I felt compelled to lend my hand to this project. I feel so honored to be part of such an incredible group of artists.

Meg Tracy
Meg Tracy


I first attended the Savannah College of Art and Design with the intention of being a fashion major. After taking an Intro to Production Design class over a summer and falling backwards into the props department, I fell in love with brining unique environments and props to life. This fortunate turn of events has led me to build, design, and paint for such places as Disney, Anthropologie, B St Theatre, and Brevard Music Center. I believe every project is an adventure, and with that adventure comes an opportunity. An opportunity to learn a new skill, use a different material, make a new friend, tell a unique story.


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