Ellen Abramo

My Experience:

There was something about Jonathan that spoke to me.  He had a beautiful smile and warm, twinkly eyes.  As a parent, I could only imagine the heartache his family must have felt and still feel at the loss of their beautiful boy whose life was really just beginning.  I wanted them to know I cared about their son, as well.  If something like that happened to one of my children, I would need to know that there was still love and kindness in this world.  So, that is what I set about to achieve in addition to capturing Jonathan’s likeness.  Jonathan attempted to save his friend’s life that night, Yilmary Rodriguez.  His family raised a selfless young man, and that is something to be remembered and celebrated.


Ellen Culbertson Abramo is a stay-at-home wife and mom.  Originally from Florence, SC, she and her family now live in Nazareth, PA, and are parishioners at Holy Family Catholic Church.  Ellen and her husband Don run a small business on the side where Ellen illustrates children’s books, draws portraits, designs book layouts, and also does self-publishing consulting.

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