Diana Toma

My Experience:

Participating in the “49 Portraits Project” was a a very moving experience. Trough this painting process I connected with Eric Ivan Ortiz-Rivera in a unique way. When observing his photo wholeheartedly, I experienced a communion with his essence. There is a profound meaning to be found in that place where we overlap. My painting is meant to be a witnesses of an extra-ordinary moment, and my intention is to engage the viewer emotionally.


Diana Toma is a Romanian award winning visual artist currently teaching and creating in Atlanta, Georgia. Holding a Master Degree in Fine Arts from the prestigious Romanian University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, Diana is esteemed professional authority invited to judge and jury art shows, speak on behalf of the working artist on open panels, and teach painting workshops for artists.  To learn more about her work visit her website at www.artbydianatoma.com

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